Old Group Project: Showing off The Enemy

For my first post I have decided to share some of my Group work, I am currently working on a RPG game with my friend Callam. Our game is unique as the turn based combat has musical notes (similar to Guitar Hero) which the player presses and determines the power of the players attack and the player damage during the enemies turn.

Our theme is Medieval Fantasy, with Classic RPG cliches being mixed with musical Instruments. For the first enemy in our game I went with a visual representation of how it’s a easy, start out level by designing an enemy that would fit that level.

Training dummies are usually the starting point in terms of RPG “Enemies” as it doesn’t attack back usually and lets the player try out their attacks/spells for free so they can learn. In reflection, the Triangle instrument is one of the most basic and easy to pick up and play instruments. By combining the 2 I have created an easy enemy with a fun/silly design with the goal to make at least 1 person smile while playing the game.

I’ve yet to animate it yet, but I’m rather happy with him so far. The pictures below are: Attacking Frame 1, Attacking Frame 2, Being Attacked, Defeated and Idle.

Hope you enjoy my designs.

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