New Group Project: Update and Research

So first off, I have switched groups and game ideas all together.

I am now working with my friends Matt and Aaron on a game called “Of Whom We Hold Dear” and it’s a Psychological Thriller styled game with seeking and puzzle elements.

To better understand the new project I was given research tasks as a way of catching up with the rest of the group, as I will be modeling and texturing 3D Objects it was important that I understand the style and vision that group hopes to achieve.

I had 2 films to watch and 2 games to look at. The Films were Misery by Steven King and Memento, The Games were Gone Home and Torpor.


I looked at Memento for the Theme of “Anterograde Amnesia” and Misery helps the understanding and importance of the carer, in game the Carer isn’t as evil as the one film however we want her to have a perceived threat to the player.

With Torpor I looked at the style of models, the low poly block designs of the world and objects with simplistic color schemes, Gone Home provided the idea of moving around a closed space like a house and solving puzzles.

This Week I will make some basic objects for the Prototype like Coins, Chairs and tables.


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