Old Dissertation Project: Mood boards and The research Journey for the 1st Character

Welcome to the first Character Mood Boards, I will be talking about how each idea come to be and what influenced my design choices. Slight choices might be add, taken away and changed about but that’s what design is all about!


I started off this Journey by trying to Research things I had never heard of, seen or know anything previously about. I started by looking at Traditions and Festivals from around the world, I looked at Africa rituals, I found strange European fairy tales and Asian arts.

After starting out with a rather board scope, I needed to start narrowing it down. I looked up traditional dresses from different countries like the Dashiki from West Africa or the Traje De Luces from Spain but it was the simplistic design of the Hanfu Dress from China that spoke to me.

While mostly coming in lighter colors, The style of Hanfu dress has made an interesting appeal to me. Maybe it’s the how the upper half perfectly closes off any skin up to the neck, or how long the lower Skirt can go in comparison to the rest of the dress, the long sleeves and belt that hold it all together just appeal to me and knowing how innocent and traditional the dress usually is in it’s natural habitat, just make it more fun to see what we can change and twist to make a more interesting design.


From old Chinese traditions to something more Futuristic. I felt like bringing something that is old with something that new could be a interesting twist.

Cyberpunk as a Fictional Trait is based of Science Fiction and Future settings that tends to focus on Society with a advanced technological life style featuring traits like radical changes in Social Order, Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Cybernetic features.

The fashion of Cyberpunk in a modern era reflects it’s fictional counterparts. Mostly dressing in Black leather coats or boots mixed with Neon colors which are usually used in Hairstyles, topped off with popular accessories like Gas Masks, Goggles, Arm gloves and Jewelry featuring Metal or circuit boards in bedded into them. Hairstyles are usually dreadlocks with bright dyed strains of hair.

So far, I’ll be mixing Hanfu Dresses with more of Cyberpunk style to create something a little twisted when compared to the traditional ones.



Next thing to look at was the weapon choices for our character, and I looked up old Chinese styled weapons to go with the theme of the Dress. I found normal things like swords, bows and arrows but stumbled across something Amazing!

Huolongjing Cannons! Think of it like a huge Barrel that would be propped up similar to a mortar pit, but instead of shooting grenades shot out Fireworks. What makes these so interesting is that most didn’t have any designs to them but the ones that did were made to look like a Dragon’s Mouth, which compared to the idea of a fire breathing dragon that splits out fireworks is another great thing that appeals to me that I never knew existed before.

So I could of easily take the cannon as the Main weapon and be done, by while researching the cannon I saw a few examples of Arrows that had Fireworks strapped to them. I like this idea, Arrows which if they hit someone would not only impale them with the arrow hit, but the go off with a bang. It seemed like a high risk high reward in game, if you shoot and it hits the target or near it, splash damage applies. If you waited too long however you would take damage. I am changing the design to fit more for a Crossbow rather than a normal Bow as I feel like it would safer and easier to handle than a bow.

Well there we go, a small little journey of research that has given me something I wouldn’t usually think about. I’m looking forward to drawing it up on Paper and will show results, rough sketches and final designs in the next few days/next week.


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