Old Dissertation Project: Sketching Some Hair Styles

Hey Guys, so as a small update I’ve been sketching and researching some Hairstyle ideas for the Character (To Be Named).

To make sure it’s a good mixture of both style of Cyberpunk and Hanfu Chinese tradition, I want the her hairstyle to be long and tied up, but with that messy Cyberpunk style (See back to my Research post for more details into that).

Nothing until the Character is fully drawn is final, but I’m thinking long hair down the sides and back of the head with a Twin Tale pin up style of Hair would make for a perfect splice of the 2 styles. Not sure on what colour palette to go for just yet but I that will be more towards the time we start to use Adobe Photoshop to bring out details and highlights with Neon colours.

Until then Enjoy!


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