Group Project: Models and Texture Tests/Choices

So today I have been catching up on tasks, so far the house in our game is looking nice but very empty at the moment and thus, I have a fair few models to get through.

The kitchen Counter on the bottom Right was made before the Christmas break but I thought I’d save it for more models to go with it.

The 4 grey models are a 19th Century style cabinet, For the purpose of animations I have made the doors and shelf part separately. As you can see, you can rotate the doors like they actually had hinges and this will possibly be put into the game as we can hide important objects (Or Memories) in the Cabinet for the player to find.

And the top right is a dining table, simple with a bit of curving leg work just a nice and easy model to work with. I have been testing different maps on textures for today for a more detailed Texture and the table seemed to work the best (So far).

Now at the time of writing this post, we are currently wondering if we want to continue to make the furniture models with block and next-to-no detail or go for a more realistic detail design. So for now I have made the UI maps and unwrapped ready to go for either simple or advanced Texturing.




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