Blog Update: Catching up after the Holidays Post

Hey all,

Sorry I haven’t upload in a while, we had the Christmas break and didn’t get back to University (and Ipswich where I left my computer) until Friday and couldn’t get here sooner (Had to rely on people to drive me up so schedules did clash a bit in the process). Also couldn’t upload on my phone or this post would be been up earlier.

I have a couple of posts coming soon involving my Group Project, showing off a few models I’ve been working on, part of this will go up later today and other posts later this week.

My Personal project has been put a slow halt for a little bit, as I need to rewrite my Essay as I failed by 1% my time has been used to make sure that passes and is more refined. I have some Clothing ideas which will be uploaded later this week sometime.

I have also Choose to do the 3D printing for my Masterclass, I’m not sure when I start that currently but will also post about experiences or things I learn, should be very exciting and looking forward to it.

Last thing, This weekend is the Global Game Jam Event. Because of the 48 Hour event I most likely will NOT be posting this weekend, but I may have some stuff to show off depending on what the theme is and how it goes.

So that’s it for now, more coming soon!


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