Old Dissertation Project: Dress/Clothes Designs

Back with more for our little Character this time, marking and reporting the original design of the Hanfu dress and then giving it a Cyberpunk remix version.clothes Hopefully with the photo I’ve taken (Camera is low quality, sorry about that) You can see on the left of the picture is the original. I started by researching and marking up parts of the dress so for Example: Cuffs, Sleeves, Waist Skirt, Skirt, Braid, Sash and Collars. This helps give me a key definition of what makes the dress and gave me ideas of what parts to change, tweak and remove for a Cyberpunk version.

On the right is the “Re-imagined” version of the dress if you will, replacing parts like the Sash with Black Leather belts, keeping the sleeves but making them Fish-Net versions of their previous self’s and Making the Skirt a more multi layered dress which popular among the female Cyberpunk fashion side.

I have marked down in my book what colours again I could make the dress, might have to make multiple colour pallets and might switch out different shades/patterns to see what really blends well together. Until then, Enjoy!


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