Global Game Jam 2017: My Experiences This Year

Hey guys, I back after a long weekend of the Global Game Jam.

I worked in a group of 6 people including myself, and the theme this year was “WAVE”.
So more less seconds after the presentation finished my friend Tom turned to me and ask if I want to revive my previous Group Project game idea, as I can’t code very well I had to previously give it up so I was happy and touched that people wanted to see if the game idea would work. Basically think of Guitar Hero made love to Final Fantasy and you are basically there.

I worked on the design flow, gave out my notes and research/brief from the previous group project to the others and we started limiting the game by making it a 1 level deal, which was fine as we only had 48hrs to play around and make a game.

I worked on the Texturing of George’s 3D models for the game, never done Character texturing before and waited for it to be a nightmare, lucky for me things weren’t massive high detail so everything went fairly smoothly. These are the George models with my textures, made for a fun and non serious styled visuals. gamejammodels

As a open love letter to Square Enix, both musically and RPG combat wise. I wanted to make the game title screen to represent the same way as they do, The classic Final Fantasy style text and A colored silhouette of a item/character that is involved with the game in some way, it seemed fitting that Musical Notes were involved so I made a colored version of a Music note score, so here is the Artwork for that (I am quite personnel happy with it).


Lastly our game received a total of 5 VOTES! which gains us an unofficial 3RD Place overall 🙂 The game was a bit bugged and if we had more time on the code and artwork it would of been a lot better but that’s Game Jam in a nutshell really, Super pleased with how it turned out, people seemed to like the idea and I can clearly see how the game would work. Maybe with a bit of spare time, we might be able to work on it again and give it a full upgrade in terms of Gameplay, length, Artwork, music and much more.

Thanks to George, Tom, Charlie,  Aaron and Anthony for working with me this year.

And if you want to have a little play on our Demo, click the link below to Download the ZIP file for the game.

Final Symphony A Wave Reborn, Downloadable Demo


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