Old Dissertation Project: Ability Ideas, The Game aspect of the Character Design

This week in Character design, I took a more Game thinking approach and came up with the Character’s abilities.

I have made 4, Her Passive: Which in MOBA terms would mean a ability that is continuous and not usually activated by the player but it’s part of the characters toolkit. Example: Sombra from Overwatch can see Low Health enemies through walls as part of her “Passive Ability”.

The other 3 are more skill ability’s, for the sake of a mock up we are using Q, E and R as the “Key binds” for the example. For the sake of a first hand mock up, these sketches are represented in stick figure format and will most likely receive a fully detailed update at a later point.

Passive: Wall Climbing, I want  this character to be a fast, high risk, high reward, Low Health but can deal a lot of damage, and can be used to effectively “Flank” the enemy. Wall climbing over small terrain would give the perfect opportunity to do so and allows her to escape when low on health.

Q: Impact, For this ability just imagine launching one of those “Big Bang” fireworks you can buy from shops but sticking it to a crossbow. Obviously, being a Firework it’s going to explode on a point of impact and explode, thus creating Splash damage.


E: Combat Roll, Another ability used to dodge attacks, get behind cover or travel faster to a point in the game. Simple but effective in terms of game play.

R: Big Bombs. Using that massive Huolongjing Cannon to your advantage, Taking off your back and having a little prop up animation and firing it high into the sky, similar to how Mortar pits in World War 2 were used. The point of impact would be perfect for taking out multiple targets and covering a rather large radius of explosions.


So there you have it, some ideas I’m throwing around in terms of game play. I will be documenting this all together on a Word document as we go along with this project. Until then Enjoy!


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