New Dissertation Project: Old Ideas Die and New ones are Reborn in the Ashes!

Hey everyone, after a talk with my Tutors Dave and Rob I have decided to stop the Character design module as I know a little more to why the proposal of it failed and feel like changing it now, rather than later when I don’t have much time would be a very bad idea. So I’m sorry to announce that, If I ever feel like it and have spare time I may draw the character for the heck of it and finish her off but that wouldn’t be for a while and now it would be just for a little fun.

However, there is always 2 sides to a coin and I am happy to announce that my new project will now be spent making the Final Symphony game idea I previous started in the Group Project. So with a more Coding dissertation in mind, hopefully I can create what I worked on over Last Summer by myself.
One Note Redemption.png

I have added a re-name subtitle to the Game Name as you can see, and as I’m doing this by myself (A single/One Note if you will) and it’s a shot of Redemption both for my Dissertation and Group game ideas I have decided to name it “One Note Redemption” the game will be made in Unity and I will be coding in C# as I been learning that in my Programming Module.

I am excited to work on this, their will be small changes to the original idea but I will save those for another day. Until then, Enjoy!


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