Design MasterClass 3D Printing: First Time Experience

Earlier today Me and the others in my MasterClass (George, Ryan, Junior, Aaron, Jay, Rob) and we went to the Printing rooms in the Atrium Building so we could try out scanning and print out a few things. This would all serve as practice for the POP MY MIND art models that we would have to scan and print in the future.

Tom, the guy who tests and looks after the machines have us a little run down of how the printers work, how to scan things correctly and how to tell when something that gets scanned went well and when it went poorly.

So we took turns turning out scanning objects on the chair so we can turn around the object without too much trouble and most of the times we didn’t scan it correctly until we put the Scanners mount up so we could spin the chair slowly and make it easier.

We later tried to print off some of the things we scanned and other personal models on the Cura program, which displays the 3D models and makes it so you can edit sizes and such. We then put the information onto the Scanners SD card and tried to make the models, but due to overloading the tray (Most likely as we all wanted to print a model at different simplistic levels and some being advanced). Hopefully Next week we can print something off and it won’t turn into a Plastic mess.

Until then, here is a slideshow of all the pictures I took while we were there. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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