Dissertation Project: Gathering the Basics

Now I’m doing a new Project, most of my time so far has been setting up the Unity files and tidying art assets that were already created, plus with some research into coding.

However, I have made a small art task (Note: the purple is just so I can see the outlines better and wouldn’t be in the final game what so ever) but I’ve made some basic Notes and Bars for the notes to glide across for the game. The dummy has also seen a bit of tidying up in terms of height size and edges, I’ve also made it easier for me to do a small animation with his arms.

I’m not going to be spending a lot of time on Art Assets, at least not now as code is the first priority for me.

A checklist for Final Symphony is something like this:

1) Coding the button inputs for Q, W, E. And other bits like turn order and menus.
2)Using Sound effects and music effectively, timing is everything so the feedback feels good.
3)Basic Animations, mainly for attacks and Button impacts.
4)Art, Player Character, more UI, background art etc.
5)Any Misc bits, title screens/menu screens being decorated.

I will be posting about my Presentation progress this weekend too, until then Enjoy!

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