Dissertation Project: Taking Feedback and Adding speed to the notes

After the Presentations last week, I got some good feedback that I need to research on. Which is what type of code I need: So far this consists of a Fixed Spawn, Turn based game play, damage settings, sound effects playing when a object is broken etc etc.

I also need to do more research on similar games and understand how they do music in code, I also need to find a backing track and what style I want for the game in terms of music, I need to eliminate all “Ifs/Coulds/Maybes” from this project asap. That way I can focus and spend time on what is more important.

It’s not all bad news however, I have managed to make a script which allows notes to be set at different speeds, for the sake of testing they are all at 5. I’m hoping as I make a spawner I can set it that Red has 3  Green has 7 and Blue has 5 for example. I’m hoping to make it spawn different cycles of notes, so it can randomly choose one of 5 different laid out notes for the player.

Getting the spawner working and turning everything sideways so I don’t rely on Gravity is the next important thing for me, Until then Enjoy!



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