Group Project: Letting it all Sink in

This week in models, I first started out by doing some small re-textures of Coins. This is to keep up with making the art style more realistic so I used British coins as that’s what the models were originally based off.

The other tasks were kitchen based, so I made a nice little Spice rack/shelf to put up on the wall. I also made a Kitchen Island so that can sit in the middle of the kitchen room and have smaller objects like plates and bowls on it.

The final model, and it’s the one I’m most proud of making in recent models is the sink. Using the Kitchen Counter model I had previously worked on a base I was able to change the top of the model to make a sink. I am self impressed with this model as I personally think it’s one of the nicer textured objects I have made, most likely because I used around 5 different Materials. Let’s hope I can continue to make models as good as this one, until then Enjoy!

week of sinks and redoing coins.png


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