Design MasterClass 3D Printing: Scanning our Model

Today me and George took our “Pop My Mind” model, and we scanned it up for editing in 3DS Max.

It took a few attempts of trying it on a chair, the table and floor so the scanner could pick it up easier. The first couple of times the scans would make multiple guns and merge them ,which would force us to try again.

In the end we managed to get it to work, well mostly. The front end of the gun where the knife is couldn’t be picked up properly because of it’s shiny reflected surface. I took some pictures of different parts of the gun, we have decided that it will be easier to model our own knife to the end of the gun in 3DS Max, we also might have to split up the gun into 4 parts so we can print it out a part at a time and put it all together. Although we will see how small of a print we can do for the whole model first.

Next post will be able editing and cleaning up the model on 3DS Max, until then Enjoy!

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