Dissertation Project: Turning the game on it’s side, literally!

This week I’ve managed to turn the game on it’s side, my not sound like a “OH MY GOD” improvement but things are getting there slowly which is better than nothing.

On top of this, I have been studying beats per minute on a couple of Final Fantasy tracks for practice. So when the Note spawn is implemented into the game I can start to map out a track easier, then hopefully break it up cleanly for turn order to be in place too.

For now, I have been tweaking speed of notes to see how players could be overwhelmed by loads of notes and seeing how well the box colliders work. I came across a play testing problem where if the player spams the button (Which at the moment, they can at no cost or punishment) if the player was quick enough and the notes were close enough (which will also be fixed when a proper spawn is in place) so that is noted in my little book for a hotfix later down the line. Until then, Enjoy!


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