Design MasterClass 3D Printing: Making our own parts

Yesterday me and my partner George got together and started to edit the scans we did on Monday so we can be one step closer to printing it out in 3D!

Unfortunately due to the scans, the front of the gun was very rough and half of it didn’t scan correctly after several attempts so we had to delete it. After discussion of if we should continue in some way on this model or scrap it and try a new one, I offered to model the front of the gun as long as the rest could be tried up well. In theory the idea is to have the front recreated as best as I can while George does his best to tied up and fill up any holes and smooth out bits for the scanned object.

So after spending a few hours on the model I have managed to recreated the front part we have lost, I might need to add part of the front to the model to make a base so it can connect easily to the main part of the gun. But I’m very proud of how it’s come out so far! We are certainly going above and beyond the call of duty for this printing, but I’m happy to do so and that our efforts will be greatly appreciated.  Also gives me another piece to showcase on my Portfolio, so over all it’s going well. Pictures below show progress and a render of the Barrel/Knife.

We will have to work out on how to split up the model into parts so we can make it life size hopefully, I will most likely print off a tiny version on the gun as well for fun, Until then Enjoy!


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