Dissertation Project: Stretching out tasks and recognizing more bugs

This week in coding and other bugs, I have been playing around with how to make a long note. Much like any rhythm game ever, there will be moments in Music where a note/beat is held down in order to score it and my game will be no different. For now I haven’t made a new asset and just stretched out a blue note for the sake of testing (Most likely will give it a proper asset at some point later on) but it even has a small score value and this increased with how long the player holds down the note for.

In terms of bugs/problems that need to be tackled, there is the problem that if the player currently holds down all the buttons and doesn’t let go of them at all the notes will still disappear. So I need to change that up and make some sort of punishment for spamming/holding down notes. Until then enjoy!


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