Group Project: Texturing Matt’s Models

This week in Models, I have been re texturing some Models my teammate Matt has made. Being a Record Player and an Oven.

With the Oven I had no only fun but felt it went really well, I went for a more charcoal and burned stain metal for the hob rings on the top and put a simple yet effect blue square for the glass which I think works well. The record player was also alright, I feel like the Wood I use on the model might be a little too bright or warm but other than that I think both of them went well.

I also believe this is my last model/texturing task for the group. It’s been fun and I want to Thank Matt and Aaron for both taking me on their project halfway through the year and for being awesome teammates as well 🙂 I’ve had fun working with you chaps for sure and would happily do it all again.



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