Dissertation Project: We have Music!

Hey all, just a quick update. I have been looking to use Royalty Free Music for my RPG game for a little while but never really got a reply from anyone saying I could use it for free.

Until recently that is! I found this awesome piece of Battle Theme Music and asked the Youtuber if I could use it and he replied roughly the same day. It might have taken a while (Due to learning code and problems of trying not to copyright anyone) but I will have music in my game to play around with.

Malcolm's permission

Above is a Screenshot of our short Conversation and his Video with the music as well, feel free to check it out. Next up will be trying to work out a Beat Map for the music, adding it to the game and making it fit really well. I might have to edit the length of the track at some point but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Until then, Enjoy!


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