Dissertation Project: Video Demo

Back with another Dissertation update, not a lot to show at the moment in terms of new code or design choices. I have come to realize the last few weeks that I most likely won’t get everything finish and finalized like I had set out and planned, which seems obvious with the mountain of a task I have set myself in the first place.

However, I am determined to at least finish the music and make what I have feel tight, work properly and get rid of the bugs I have come across.

Above is an Example of how the game plays out at the moment, it looks a bit run of the mill basic rhythm game at the moment until I add and edit the Music notes to fit with the battle theme properly, might be able to throw in some stuff to make it look more presentable but making the core mechanics will come first always so Polish may or may not be added into the game if I can.

Although I have struggled with the project and I’m not greatly happy or impressed with what I have done so far, it has helped me understand C# and coding, in general a little more at least. I will update when I get some idea or example of the music playing. Until then, Enjoy!


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