Group Project: Texturing Matt’s Models

This week in Models, I have been re texturing some Models my teammate Matt has made. Being a Record Player and an Oven.

With the Oven I had no only fun but felt it went really well, I went for a more charcoal and burned stain metal for the hob rings on the top and put a simple yet effect blue square for the glass which I think works well. The record player was also alright, I feel like the Wood I use on the model might be a little too bright or warm but other than that I think both of them went well.

I also believe this is my last model/texturing task for the group. It’s been fun and I want to Thank Matt and Aaron for both taking me on their project halfway through the year and for being awesome teammates as well 🙂 I’ve had fun working with you chaps for sure and would happily do it all again.



Group Project: Retextures and Placeholders

This week in Models, I went back and fixed up the doors on my Cabinet model and added a little more colour to the Brass drawer knobs. Hopefully, my team can animate the model quickly and easily.

The other model is a placeholder for Wooden Blind Shutters. This will be on the windows to cover them up so the player doesn’t just see a black abyss outside. Until Next week, Enjoy!


Group Project: Lighting fixtures and place holders

This week in Models, we have new ceiling light models for the room to be more lit up when the power goes on. I made it look rusty and a little battered but I might have gone a little bit to far on the texture map. Should be nice to when the code is attached to the model and has working lighting.

I also made a placeholder door for our Level to replace the big blank white walls that serve as our current doors. I also made a handle, so if need be I can go back to the model for animation reasons. Until next time Enjoy!


Group Project: Take 2 and call me in the morning

This week in Models, medicine  and a Breaker switch.
The breaker switch is small and will be used with an animation, the switch part of the model is actually separate from the rest so it can be flicked on and off and rotated.

The medicine bottles are just for a cabinet and/or little filler items, there is a surprisingly good amount of labels for different types of Medicine on the internet. Also all the models so far have been put into the game, I will at some point take some screenshots of it until then Enjoy!


Group Project: Safety stickers and making grills

This week in Models, More kitchen focus starting off with a Kettle that I have heavily edited the previously clean copper texture to make it seem way more old and charcoal color to show age to the object.

Next up is a simple candle holder, given a old Brass texture for age. Not all the objects are old generation based, the example of this new age Microwave is proof with that. I had a couple of issues with watermarks on textures for the Grill and safety stickers, in the future I will be taking photos of each and editing them in Photoshop. Until then, enjoy!


Group Project: Adding tiny details

More 3D environment assets this week, Modified my previous desk lamp to make this taller, standing room lamp for the hallway. I’m not greatly proud of the coat rack, it was tricky to make, I couldn’t quite get the shape on the “Tree” arms of the rack properly and personally found it a bit annoying to make.

What I am happy with is this playing cards, while just being a simple 3D Box with a modified texture using photos on it. I got to practice some grime and smudges on the box to make it look like it had age and was picked up several times to be used and played with.


Group Project: Letting it all Sink in

This week in models, I first started out by doing some small re-textures of Coins. This is to keep up with making the art style more realistic so I used British coins as that’s what the models were originally based off.

The other tasks were kitchen based, so I made a nice little Spice rack/shelf to put up on the wall. I also made a Kitchen Island so that can sit in the middle of the kitchen room and have smaller objects like plates and bowls on it.

The final model, and it’s the one I’m most proud of making in recent models is the sink. Using the Kitchen Counter model I had previously worked on a base I was able to change the top of the model to make a sink. I am self impressed with this model as I personally think it’s one of the nicer textured objects I have made, most likely because I used around 5 different Materials. Let’s hope I can continue to make models as good as this one, until then Enjoy!

week of sinks and redoing coins.png

Group Project: Something for upstairs and a “Vase”

In this week of the Group project I made the following, The small long table which will be used to hold the significant items on. The chesterdrawers will be something placed to make the landing up stairs seem a little more cluttered, finally we have my Vase which admittedly came out looking more like an Urn but that could work to our advantage and I might have to have another crack at it or give it some flower details to make it seem more like a vase. Until then, Enjoy!

Week of Vase and table.png

Group Project: Little Extra Models

This week in modelling, I have made a few models that will fill up the rooms in the game. So the books for the bookshelf and lamp for the desk etc.

Hopefully, this will be a good start to making the room less empty and make it feel like someone ACTUAL lives here. Should be back onto bigger assets next week, until then Enjoy!

Week of Books and Lmap.png

Group Project: Re Texture Week 2

So here is the other half of the retextures with the chairs also being brought up to the new Art Style.

In my Group we currently have a 3D Model list on GitHub, of assists we need in the game to decorate the rooms for the game and I’ve started ticking things off with this nice little bedside cabinet and will continue to make new things and continue to tick further things off the list. Enjoy!

Week of chairs and a bedside.png