Easter Update: Take a bit of a break

Hey guys,

Easter break is coming up and we have 3 weeks off for it, I’m not going back to Brighton for it however and will be staying in Ipswich to catch up on some work.

I will be taking things slower, as I have been trying to gain results with less and less success. I’m using random days to take breaks and others to get on with Group Project, Masterclass and Dissertation. So expect a few update here and there, more scattered than usual.


Group Project: Retextures and Placeholders

This week in Models, I went back and fixed up the doors on my Cabinet model and added a little more colour to the Brass drawer knobs. Hopefully, my team can animate the model quickly and easily.

The other model is a placeholder for Wooden Blind Shutters. This will be on the windows to cover them up so the player doesn’t just see a black abyss outside. Until Next week, Enjoy!


Group Project: Lighting fixtures and place holders

This week in Models, we have new ceiling light models for the room to be more lit up when the power goes on. I made it look rusty and a little battered but I might have gone a little bit to far on the texture map. Should be nice to when the code is attached to the model and has working lighting.

I also made a placeholder door for our Level to replace the big blank white walls that serve as our current doors. I also made a handle, so if need be I can go back to the model for animation reasons. Until next time Enjoy!


Design MasterClass 3D Printing: More Frame modeling

This week, me and George have been doing more preparations for the Model. We are just trying to close gaps on the scan and I have finish recreating the front of the gun.

The knife, barrel and part of the frame came out rather roughly so we are recreating it in 3DS Max. If the model doesn’t come out right after fixing it then we might have to switch models but we are both determined to see this project through as far as we can first and then if things do turn out too bad then we can consider changing.

I had fun doing this, recreating the groves and indentations that the original model has provides me with a small boost of pride and determination to make sure it’s as close to the original as possible.  Hopefully everything turns out alright and our hard work is appreciated, either way this has been a fun project so far.

Dissertation Project: Stretching out tasks and recognizing more bugs

This week in coding and other bugs, I have been playing around with how to make a long note. Much like any rhythm game ever, there will be moments in Music where a note/beat is held down in order to score it and my game will be no different. For now I haven’t made a new asset and just stretched out a blue note for the sake of testing (Most likely will give it a proper asset at some point later on) but it even has a small score value and this increased with how long the player holds down the note for.

In terms of bugs/problems that need to be tackled, there is the problem that if the player currently holds down all the buttons and doesn’t let go of them at all the notes will still disappear. So I need to change that up and make some sort of punishment for spamming/holding down notes. Until then enjoy!

Group Project: Take 2 and call me in the morning

This week in Models, medicine  and a Breaker switch.
The breaker switch is small and will be used with an animation, the switch part of the model is actually separate from the rest so it can be flicked on and off and rotated.

The medicine bottles are just for a cabinet and/or little filler items, there is a surprisingly good amount of labels for different types of Medicine on the internet. Also all the models so far have been put into the game, I will at some point take some screenshots of it until then Enjoy!


Design MasterClass 3D Printing: Making our own parts

Yesterday me and my partner George got together and started to edit the scans we did on Monday so we can be one step closer to printing it out in 3D!

Unfortunately due to the scans, the front of the gun was very rough and half of it didn’t scan correctly after several attempts so we had to delete it. After discussion of if we should continue in some way on this model or scrap it and try a new one, I offered to model the front of the gun as long as the rest could be tried up well. In theory the idea is to have the front recreated as best as I can while George does his best to tied up and fill up any holes and smooth out bits for the scanned object.

So after spending a few hours on the model I have managed to recreated the front part we have lost, I might need to add part of the front to the model to make a base so it can connect easily to the main part of the gun. But I’m very proud of how it’s come out so far! We are certainly going above and beyond the call of duty for this printing, but I’m happy to do so and that our efforts will be greatly appreciated.  Also gives me another piece to showcase on my Portfolio, so over all it’s going well. Pictures below show progress and a render of the Barrel/Knife.

We will have to work out on how to split up the model into parts so we can make it life size hopefully, I will most likely print off a tiny version on the gun as well for fun, Until then Enjoy!

Design MasterClass 3D Printing: Scanning our Model

Today me and George took our “Pop My Mind” model, and we scanned it up for editing in 3DS Max.

It took a few attempts of trying it on a chair, the table and floor so the scanner could pick it up easier. The first couple of times the scans would make multiple guns and merge them ,which would force us to try again.

In the end we managed to get it to work, well mostly. The front end of the gun where the knife is couldn’t be picked up properly because of it’s shiny reflected surface. I took some pictures of different parts of the gun, we have decided that it will be easier to model our own knife to the end of the gun in 3DS Max, we also might have to split up the gun into 4 parts so we can print it out a part at a time and put it all together. Although we will see how small of a print we can do for the whole model first.

Next post will be able editing and cleaning up the model on 3DS Max, until then Enjoy!

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Dissertation Project: Turning the game on it’s side, literally!

This week I’ve managed to turn the game on it’s side, my not sound like a “OH MY GOD” improvement but things are getting there slowly which is better than nothing.

On top of this, I have been studying beats per minute on a couple of Final Fantasy tracks for practice. So when the Note spawn is implemented into the game I can start to map out a track easier, then hopefully break it up cleanly for turn order to be in place too.

For now, I have been tweaking speed of notes to see how players could be overwhelmed by loads of notes and seeing how well the box colliders work. I came across a play testing problem where if the player spams the button (Which at the moment, they can at no cost or punishment) if the player was quick enough and the notes were close enough (which will also be fixed when a proper spawn is in place) so that is noted in my little book for a hotfix later down the line. Until then, Enjoy!

Group Project: Safety stickers and making grills

This week in Models, More kitchen focus starting off with a Kettle that I have heavily edited the previously clean copper texture to make it seem way more old and charcoal color to show age to the object.

Next up is a simple candle holder, given a old Brass texture for age. Not all the objects are old generation based, the example of this new age Microwave is proof with that. I had a couple of issues with watermarks on textures for the Grill and safety stickers, in the future I will be taking photos of each and editing them in Photoshop. Until then, enjoy!